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neena13   in reply to neena13
Hi again nancy, well im not sure how your program works because I have only gotten an answer back once, I have now lost more teeth and am not able to eat anything my mouth is a mess and I am trying to get some kind of dental plan through aetna but even with that and being on ssd with medical medicare and aetna it is still to much for overdentures in california I am so depressed I dont feel like getting out of bed anymore, my self esteem is way low and I have no social life at all, I am so embarrassed to talk to anyone, I have gone online searching and searching but I am out of energy trying to get help, So I thought I would try this one more time, Im only 54 but feel like my life is over..Thanks for listening
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neena13   in reply to neena13
Hi Nancy,
Im still not sure how this works but Im not getting any answers for help, my teeth are breaking a little almost everyday all my back teeth are broken and is impossible to eat anything at all, I am researching online all the time, I am majorly depressed and wont smile I just want to hide in my house not to mention to embarrassed to meet anyone, please if you have any suggestions. Thanks
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neena13   in reply to NancyMcGuire
Dear Nancy
What is the waiting period for this program,? I'm having really bad issues and there only getting worse..Thanks for the information about your program, Iv'e come across so many scams on line and its very frustrating to say the least. My teeth have put me in such a depression and I have no social life. Please tell me what to do I will do whatever it takes to get this done, last month went to a dentist and had a full set of xrays done I have to pay for them yet but that is done..Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.
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neena13   in reply to NancyMcGuire
Hi Nancy, I'm willing to be put on a payment plan for sure I looked into overdentures, I have problems with gagging..Iv'e prayed to god that there is some way to get some help, when I came accross you site. please let me know if there is a chance I can get some help..Thank you neena13
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True Crime Fanatic

I absolutely love this blog! I will pass it on to anyone who needs the information.  Best wishes, Teraisa


Editor:  True Crime Fanatic, Reality Bytes, and Get It In Writing! 

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Dear I Give Up:

Smiles For Less is not a scam.  I started this company because just like your story I needed plenty of dental work myself for years and suffered in pain.  If I had known then what I know now I would have gotten my teeth fixed years and years ago.  We can get you the lumineers smile for around $1,500.00 compared to the $15,000.00 most dentists charge.  The cost for root canals and crowns is the lowest you can find.  We don't do this for free, but I hope I am helping people be able to get their teeth fixed at affordable prices. The Dentists are great and we took great time and effort finding them.  We actually go with you to the appointments and make sure you are happy with the results.  In fact we help you every step of the way from making the decision, to finding the money, to walking away with a beautiful healthy smile. 

When I think back on all the years as a single mother I told my children "Mommy can't" "Mommy is hurting" If I only knew the $19,000.00 to $23,000.00 my local Dentists said it would take to fix my teeth would have cost me less than $2,000.00 I would have gotten my dental a long ago and saved myself all the suffering and had done more things with my children. 

The fact that Dentists will turn people away in pain and only care about competative prices of other Dentists is why I started this.  And the fact that dentists would rather give you a pain killer you can get addicted to rather than fix the problem.  And the fact that dental problems untreated can lead to more serious medical problems and even death left untreated.  And there had to be a better way. And I found that way.  Of course Free Dental would be the perfect solution, the next best thing, which is what we do, if affordable Dental. 

Smiles For Less is concerned with the many Americans that can not afford dental and we do what we can to help them.  We've made this our full time jobs and we do go the extra mile to help anyone that wants our help.  We hope that so many people use us or companies like ours that it forces American Dentists to lower their prices.  Until then we will be the solution. Sincerely, Nancy McGuire 

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